Grammarly Competition – The Best Alternatives to Grammarly Tool 2021

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Be it your resume, or a presentation at work, or a blog post for your new website, in our online world, people see, judge, understand you by what & how you write. That is why it is imperative to say that having a second set of eyes to proof read your work before you hit that send/submit button becomes an absolute necessity today. While Grammarly competition is as fierce as it can get with Grammarly being the market leader in the industry, there are other competitors worth your attention.

There is a reason that tech companies including but not limited to Google are supercharging their digital grammar editors with artificial intelligence & machine learning.

So, its safe to say that if these tech giants realize the importance of correct grammar & writing practices, it should be the first thing we as a startup should think of.

Grammarly competition is fierce as Grammarly writing tool is one of the best in 2020 and every tool wants to catch up with it. Here are my recommendations of the top digital writing tools that you can use.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to digital writing for your online presence. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer.

        so it begins            GRAMMARLY

Chances are you probably have heard of it before. Over 10 million daily active users is no small number by any means & that is why this is probably the best there is in this niche.

Grammarly Home Page

Grammarly is unlike any other fancy software we come across online. Simple to use interface and user experience means anyone can be a pro at it in less than an hour. There is a reason why the Grammarly competition is one of the most intense in the industry.


  • Desktop App 

Use it the very same way as using it online, just download it onto your Windows or Mac

  • Microsoft Word

Grammarly has an add in integrated to Microsoft Word which can be used just as easily. It will keep on checking & styling your master piece as you write it

  • Grammarly Web Tool

Just copy & paste your writing into the Grammarly Web Tool directly to start shaping your content with perfect grammar & better tone.

  • Browser Extension

This is probably the most convenient way as you can just install the Grammarly chrome extension in your browser & let it work as you write anywhere.

Grammarly Features

  • Mobile App

For iOS & Android devices, Grammarly has its own keyboard which once activated will overlook your writing & help you make it better over the phone.


There are many features that Grammarly offers but in varied degrees with Free & Premium versions. let’s take a look at the features below which are one of the major reasons why it stands at the top among the best Grammarly Competition.

Comparison between Free & Paid version of Grammarly


What’s great about Grammarly is you can use it for absolutely free. Yes, Totally free! This really sets it apart from the Grammarly Competition but there is more.

And it solves much of your basic purposes on free plan itself.

That being said, to unleash its full potential, you need to update to Grammarly Premium

The current price for Grammarly Premium is:

  • $11.66 a month when you pay annually ($139.95 in total)
  • $19.98 a month when you pay quarterly
  • $29.95 a month when you pay monthly.

(There is also a Grammarly Business option which costs $15 per user per month when billed annually. This provides you with everything included in Grammarly Premium with the addition of an admin panel, statistics for your team, etc.). Grammarly discounts are one of the best in the industry when you compare the loaded features set you get along with its subscription.

Discounts is one area where Grammarly tears apart the Grammarly competition.

Also, students can get Grammarly Premium free!

The best part of Grammarly Premium is probably the fact that the suggestions & feed-back are customized based on my writings which is probably something very unique in this industry. It always helps if one can get feedback based on their style of work to express themselves the best they can. Check out the Grammarly download and let it make your writing flawless.


Let us dive deep into the best Grammarly Competition available today.


The next best alternative to Grammarly in this space is Pro Writing Aid. Grammarly vs Pro WritingAid is a common and old rivalry in the industry. If you think of Grammarly competition, Pro WritingAid is probably the first name that comes to mind. With over a million active users, it is a stellar writing tool. It is also much more than your vanilla spell check & grammar checker.

Pro Writing Aid homepage


  • Analysis & Reports

Your writings & style is analyzed & presented in various reports & formats for you to understand better your strengths & weakness. 

  • Integrations

Pro WritingAid boasts of integrations with major software like Google Docs, MS Word, Open Office, Scrivener & Google Chrome for ease of usage.

  • Word Explorer

A really helpful tool when you are at a loss of words to express yourself, literally. It helps you with suggestions & alternatives to cure your writers block & ease you through it.

  • Writing Improvement

Besides basic spell & grammar check, it really helps to improve your writing by checking for repeated words, cliches, overused words & no variety in length of the sentences.


When it comes to Pricing, it is an excellent value for your money & definitely much more pocket friendly making it the #1 Grammarly Competition. The plans are 

Pro Writing Aid Pricing Structure

With lifetime purchase at $240, it definitely can not get any better than that.

It is a tad more comprehensive & the volume of information it provides on your writing, it is pretty easy to get lost in them & lose focus if the task at hand is as mundane as a normal email reply where it becomes unnecessary. But all in all, it is definitely the next big thing in Grammarly Competition & a must to try.



Ginger is not your daily spell checker. Though it compares with other digital writing tools in the niche but it is unique to offer the feature of other language usage. Ginger has over 10+ years of experience in AI powered spell checking & grammar tools so it is definitely not a new kid in the block. It boasts of a founding team in key research or managerial roles in giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook so it knows what it is doing.

This is one of the prime reason why it makes to the coveted list of Grammarly Competition.

Ginger homepage


  1. Translator

    Helps translate your text to 40 different languages which is a unique feature in this space.

  2. Text Reader

      Sometimes hearing helps, right? Well that’s exactly what this does as it helps us to hear what we are trying to express so you can shape it better.

  3. Personal Trainer

      Personalized practice sessions based on your own mistakes to give you a better grip in the language 

  4. Dictionary

      Your own personalized dictionary where you can avoid some words as mistakes & keep others as per your needs.

  5. Emojis

     When words are not enough, express with emojis. This gives a different take on the style of your writing.

List of features of Ginger


Ginger Software offers three enterprise pricing plans:

  • Monthly – $29.96/month.
  • Quarterly – $41.97/quarter.
  • Annual – $89.88/year.

Again, you can use this as a free software but to have unlimited access to all the features, you need to upgrade. Addition of Ginger in the mix only makes the Grammarly competition more fierce.



WhiteSmoke incorporated in 2002 has been growing ever since. It has come a long way since its inception days & is now a respectable company in the niche of digital writing tools. It provides an all in one English writing tool providing grammar, spelling, punctuation & style checks.

A late entrant but nevertheless a strong player in the race of Grammarly Competition.

Whitesmoke homepage


  1. Integration

    Friendly with all major platforms, integrates easily & is available in extensions for all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera).

  2. Templates

      Provides templates for composing professional looking documents & is also handy for writing projects like Thank You, Sorry & Condolences notes.

  3. Translator

      Easily integrates & translates to & from 55 different languages which come in very handy.

  4. Style

      It eases your style of writing & helps you cure issues like monotony or switching tenses by providing customized feedback & suggestions.


Price structure is quite competitive with billing period options of  year or 3 year in one go. It has a very decent price structure to give Grammarly competition in this area.

Whitesmoke pricing structure



This is a unique addition to this list in the sense that Hemingway has a very original style of throwing your writing results to you – Color Coding! 

hemingway homepage


  1. Desktop & Mobile App
  2. Voice & Structure of sentence identification
  3. Color Coding of different aspects of your writing
  4. One Click Integration with WordPress
  5. Super for Editors to use for reviewing documents


Hemingway is priced at $19.99.



Readable improves the quality of your writing by checking your written content for spelling, grammar and most importantly readability.

readable homepage


  1. Check Readability score of your document in word, pdf or even bulk URL’s.
  2. Check sentence formation and structure as well as basic grammar and spelling


The pricing is as below – 

  • ContentPro – $4/month
  • CommercePro – $24/month
  • Agency Pro – $69/month


Powered by cloud, PaperRater is a grammar checker and plagiarism catcher. Using AI tools, it highlights errors in your content with reasoning and suggestions in a matter of seconds.


  1. Leverages AI technology to finetune your content
  2. Ensures your content is 100% unique
  3. Offers advanced checks for duplicity
  4. Machine Learning give near perfect recommendations


Premium Plan costs $14.95/month.



Simple to use, AI-powered Grammar assistant is just what you might need if you want to enhance your content for free. Be it silly punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, irregular verb conjugations, Writer’s Free Grammar Checker does it all for you.

Trusted by major brands globally, check this tool out if you want to improve your writing skills.

Writer's Grammar Checker


  1. Specifically designed for writing that happens at work
  2. Works everywhere thanks to a browser extension, Word plug-in and Google document add-on
  3. Offers more content check than any other writing tool
  4. Powered by AI, it not only checks spellings but also corrects the sentence structure


The tools is absolutely free to start with. Let it take your writing to the next level and then see where things go.


What is a Digital Writing Tool in Grammarly Competition?

Powered by AI & machine learning, digital writing tools aims to improve your writing skills as per your needs. Be it a paper, or a resume, or a blog post, or a presentation, or an important mail, we literally write daily to grow, survive, communicate & live! To do it better & error free have become of paramount importance & that is why so many competitive companies are fighting it out in this niche.

Big tech firms are also investing heavily in this technology as in today’s world there is no excuse to error prone writing & if online writing is a way to express your thoughts & emotions, it better be done write than not!

What is the need of Grammarly Competition?

Here why, you ABSOLUTELY need it as does all the top firms & tech companies & it is only going to grow bigger in our lives & daily usage.

  • Your online presence

We live more of our life online these days than not. There are numerous examples in all our lives where smart & worthy people have come across in bad light just because they could not proof read their published content. Why be one of them when you can access such wonderfully convenient & easy tools.

  • Your expression

If you write casually or as a hobby, I am sure you feel an attachment to what you write. Even in an corporate environment for presentations or resumes, you express yourself to the world by how & what you write. If people are not able to understand your writing clearly, they wont be able to understand you.

  • Win -Win

You literally have nothing to lose & can only gain the more you expose yourself & your writing to these tools. The better you write, more confident you feel, better you express & better you connect with the world. Make an impact with your words, the right way.


I can not stress enough on the importance of digital writing tools. In today’s online world, you need to make an impact with your words & writings, the only way to make sure you have an extra set of eyes looking & proof reading your work is by using these digital writing tools. Each of the software mentioned can help you & your work out in more ways than one. So choose carefully & commit your work to a better level.

Although Grammarly Competition is as tight as it can get as we saw in this article, Grammarly is at the #1 position for a reason.

I personally recommend Grammarly because of – 

  • Grammarly Discount
  • Grammarly Chrome Extension
  • Grammarly Competition keeps them on the toes to evolve continuously

Is Grammarly worth it, Yes. Is Grammarly free for students, absolutely Yes.

If you want to review and compare all the major players in the industry, much more than basic Grammarly Competition, do visit the Best Proof Reading Tools.

Which is your favorite writing tool? Please let me know in the comments below! If you are going with Grammarly, do let me know their best feature according to you.

 Also, do check out Best Web Hosting services & the Best Landing Page Builders to hyper launch your online efforts.

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