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11+ Best Graphic Design tools of 2020 (Complete Guide)

If you are reading this, then you probably already know the real value that visual content holds with it. 

With over 65% people being visual learners, creating & sharing visual content increases memory recalls, is more shared on social media & is really good for SEO.

This is the reason why Best Graphic Design matters!

 That being said, there are many contenders for the best graphic design software which you can adopt for your blog post, presentations or your social media campaigns. 

Now more than ever, companies are getting serious about their logos, branding & social presence. Stellar graphic designs & visuals play a crucial role in any company’s success these days.

One of the most important factors when it comes to graphic design job for any new entrant is probably the amount of time it may consume to learn & incorporate it in your work. 

To create eye catching media getting viral all over the internet, you either need to hire a graphic designer, or learn to use Photoshop. 

Alternatively you can easily use these graphic designing tools for your online needs.

So, let’s deep dive into the best graphic design tools available for us today for use & let our creative vision come to life with the help of these graphic design tools.

I have listed below the detailed features of all these tools, what all they can do for you & their pricing to help you choose without wasting your time on it.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to a graphic design tool. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer.

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What is the Best Graphic Design Tool?

Graphic design basically gives life to your vision, an image to your company, your brand.

 People respond well to visually attractive, shareable designs & associate themselves better with such brands. 

Over 36% marketers today use an online graphic design tool.

If you are really serious about graphic designing it probably makes sense for you to get Adobe creative cloud with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. 

But if you are a social media manager, blog owner, content creator or just want to create viral stuff for your online business, check out the list discussed below in detail.

My Top Picks for graphic design tools in 2020 are as below.

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1. Adobe Spark.

Make Social Graphics, Short Videos in Minutes ($7.39/month)

There has been a special mention of Adobe Spark because it is no doubtedly the market leader. Above mentioned graphic design tools are all great & serve your various needs for creating visually appealing content. Adobe Spark gives you something extra as expected.

Within minutes, you can create beautiful graphics, web pages & video stories. Adobe Spark’s mobile apps help you do the same while on the go. You can instantly create & share stunning content right from your phone anywhere anytime.

It has an unmatchable image & video library to which you can add your own media if you see fit. Spark Blog offers great insights for any user on how to create stand out content which is really awesome if you want to upgrade your skill set.

It has a Starter Plan which is absolutely free to use but with very basic features. To unlock the real features of Adobe Spark, upgrade it to the Individual Plan.

It also has a Team plan for businesses.

For a limited time period, Adobe Spark Individual Plan is offering a trial period of 2 months.

I recommend you to go for the Adobe Spark Individual annual plan which is 16% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Adobe Spark Individual Plan at $7.39 /month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $88.76
  • Savings: $17.56

Design Anything ($9.95/month)

One of the most widely used graphic design tool in 2020, Canva is for anyone & everyone without any prior need of experience or knowledge in the field.

With one of the most simple & user friendly interfaces, Canva is probably the best option for any new beginner looking to make a mark in the online space.

Over 50,000 templates to choose from, covering any occasion you may need it for, this graphic design tool covers it all for you. With an extensive list of icons to use in your template & easy drag & drop feature to design your project, Canva gives something for every user. Also, Canva has a huge library of stock photos that you can use for your online work, premium high quality images are only $1. 

Be it a social media post to marketing material & creative projects, Canva is a great graphic design option for everyone. Though not present at the App Store, you can submit your number on their website to receive a link to download the app on your phone.

Though Canva is free to use for individual use, limitations on usage of templates (8000) & storage (1 GB) is there on the free version.

The Pro version is perfect & a must have for small businesses as it gives you unlimited access to design folders, storage, over 40k beautiful templates to work with & support features.

It also has an Enterprise & Education version & is totally free for registered non profits.

I recommend you to go for the Canva Pro annual plan which is 23% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Canva Pro Plan at $9.95/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $119.49
  • Savings: $36

Create Beautiful Graphics on the fly ($12/month)

If you need a graphic design tool to make your social media posts, presentations, blog, website or email to really stand out, Stencil is a very good online tool. It is a very lightweight graphic design tool for your website’s visual appeal. With extensions for all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari & Chrome, Canva give you easier access to all its features.

stencil homepage

Though it has fewer templates than its contemporaries, it boasts an impressive 100k+ quotes which you can use for social media graphics or any other use you see fit.

You can also use Buffer with Stencil to schedule your online posts.

Stencil offers a free account with the limitation of 10 images /month & on the usage of photos & icons. You can upgrade to the Pro plan to get upto 50 images /month & access to over 2000k+ images & icons for your designs. It also has the impressive Unlimited plan.

Stencil offers a 7 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel it is up to your needs.

I recommend you to go for the Stencil Unlimited annual plan which is 40% off their regular monthly pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Stencil Unlimited Plan at $12/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $144
  • Savings: $96

4. Snappa.

Quick & Easy Graphic Design Software ($10/month)

Snappa is another popular online graphic design tool which offers plenty of templates to build from. Small businesses particularly can benefit from Snappa thanks to its easy sharing & collaboration features.

snappa homepage

The unique features of Snappa include the ability to import own custom fonts  & to directly share on social media while being on Snappa for easy usage.

Snappa is also free to use but with severe restrictions of only 3 downloads /month & only 1 user, nor can you share images directly on social media. To uplift these restrictions you can go for Snappa’s Pro plan.

For small businesses wherein team collaborations are a must, you can & should upgrade to Team plan.

I recommend you to go for the Snappa Pro annual plan which is 33% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Snappa Pro Plan at $10/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $120
  • Savings: $60

5. Piktochart.

Create Beautiful Infographics, Flyers with no design experience ($24.17/month)

Specializing in Infographics, Piktochart is much more than just that. It’s user friendly interface & easy data visualization tools help make posts, presentations, flyers & reports stand out.

piktochart homepage

You can just drag & drop into customizable templates to make your designs ready to use & share. It has more data visualization tools than standard design templates if that is something you wish for.

Piktochart’s free version is full of the above mentioned strong features but imposes limitations on image uploads (40 MB) & 5 active visuals. Also you will have to live with the Piktochart watermark. Upgrading your plan to the Pro version will lift these limitations.

The Pro Team plan is for small businesses who see themselves using a lot of dad visualizations & infographics. They offer a 30 day trial period on this plan.

I recommend you to go for the Piktochart Pro annual plan which is 16% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Piktochart Pro Plan at $24.17/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $290
  • Savings: $58

6. PicMonkey.

Photo Editor & Graphic Design Maker ($6/month)

PicMonkey is another popular graphic design tool you can use to visually boost your content. It has great photo editing features allowing users to use advanced settings, apply effects & filters on their images as well as let them make collages.

picmonkey homepage

Though it offers designs & templates for web & social media usage, it is more inclined towards powerful photo editing capabilities. It has a great library with over 3000 graphics, 100 textures & around 200 fonts to use.

It has a Basic plan for powerful photo editing & design features at $7.99 /month with a cloud storage limit of 1 GB. Pro plan lifts all these limitations while the Team plan is great for small businesses with a discount for 3 or more users at $11.33 /user/month.

I recommend you to go for the PicMonkey Pro annual plan which is almost 25% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: PicMonkey Pro Plan at $6/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $72
  • Savings: $23.88

7. Visme.

Make Professional Presentations & Infographics Online ($14/month)

Visme is a great tool which can be used to create socially shareable & engaging infographics, presentations, graphics, videos along with animations. When it comes to creating interactive media, Visme is the graphic design tool you would want.

Visme comes with a power packed package of easy to use templates, thousands of icons, much more images & over 50 data widgets. Also, embedding video or audio along with customization & editing becomes simple too. 

Though it takes a bit of a learning curve to get used to all the powerful features of Visme, it is a great tool once you get a hang of it. It really provides a complete visual content creator with all in one capabilities.

The Basic plan is free to use for all but as expected limits the user on 100 MB storage & upto 5 projects only. Access to charts, widgets & templates are also highly limited in the Basic plan. The Complete plan is for $25 /month which unlocks complete features of Visme. 

For Businesses, Visme offers Single, Team & Enterprise plans priced at $25 /month for Single plan & $25 /user/month for Team plan offering upto 15 users. Enterprise plan is not disclosed.

I recommend you to go for the Visme Standard annual plan which is 44% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Visme Standard Plan at $14/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $168
  • Savings: $132

8. RelayThat.

Consistent Designs, Everywhere. ($25/month)

It is one of the best graphic design tools to create your own branded visuals be it logo designs, landing pages, ads or social media content. You just upload your brand designs & RelayThat will suggest different sizes/variation for different usages.

relaythat homepage

As it allows you to add custom fonts & colors, it will suggest your custom images based on your uploads to its library. Also, it offers thousands of stock images to choose from to start your design from scratch if need be. 

One of the most important features of RelayThat is that it adds SEO capabilities to your images to help them rank better in Google searches. The layouts it offers are tested for engagement so that your content helps boost your conversion as well. 

The pricing plans for Agency & Enterprise is not disclosed while the Entrepreneur plan will cost $25 /month. You get unlimited designs in this plan with upto 5 Brands to work with.

9. Venngage.

Free Infographic Maker ($16/month)

Joined by over 21,000 Businesses, Venngage helps you create beautiful designs & infographic templates for your needs. It offers a wide variety of templates to choose from be it for your presentations, posts, or social media content.

venngage homepage

Primarily used for data visualization & infographics , Venngage offers limited templates for basic designing but lots to choose from for infographics content.

Also, a lot of educational content is shared by Venngage on their blog which may help you with your graphic designing skills. 

Venngage is perfect for when you have a lot of data & you need to visually share it to make sense out of it. The design templates are optimized for conversions to boost your sales funnel. 

They also have a very good customer support team ready to help you with your queries. 

Venngage has a Free plan mostly for students wherein you can design 5 infographics per month & also have to live with the Venngage branding. To upgrade the plan, Venngage offers Business (For Organizations & Businesses) & Premium (For Individuals) plans. You can choose to either pay monthly or quarterly or annually for these plans. 

I recommend you to go for the Venngage Premium annual plan which is 16% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Venngage Premium Plan at $16/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $192
  • Savings: $36

10. Fotor.

Online Photo Editor ($3.33/month)

Fotor is a popular online photo editor & design maker. It has strong editing capabilities with a very simple to use interface so that anyone can grasp it quickly enough.

fotor homepage

To enhance your graphic designing capabilities, Fotor publishes video tutorials for users to watch & learn from it. 

Fotor covers all your needs related to online photo editing, be it simple editing or making designing or creating collages.

It has got accolades from LifeHacker & BBC News which speaks volumes about its reach & success. You can download Fotor on your phone via App Store or Play Store.

While Basic plan of Fotor offers great functionalities but still has limitations on the use of advanced editing tools & effects. To lift these restrictions, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

I recommend you to go for the Fotor Pro annual plan which is 63% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Fotor Pro Plan at $3.33 /month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $39.99
  • Savings: $67.89

11. Crello.

Free Graphic Design Software ($7.99/month)

With over 25,000 templates to choose from, Crello offers fantastic options for all your major social media, blogging & marketing needs. What’s more to it, Crello offers unique animations for you to enhance the visual appeal of your content.

crello homepage

Featured on Entrepreneur & Buffer among many other big names, Crello gives access to 5000+ animated templates & 2000+ animated objects to help you create visually stunning eye catching content. 

Crello also boasts an impressive Image library consisting of 500k+ premium photos & also gives access to 140 million strong library of Depositphotos.

Be it printouts, presentations, ads or social media content, Crello covers all your needs. You can also download the application on the App Store or Play Store.

Free version of Crello offers upto 30k+ animated & graphic templates but no premium images or videos or animations. To unlock these great features, you need to upgrade the plan to Pro version which offers a 14 day trial period.

I recommend you to go for the Crello Pro annual plan which is 20% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Crello Pro Plan at $7.99/month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $95.88
  • Savings: $24

12. MockoFUN.

The Best Online Graphic Design Tool ($4.99/month)

MockoFUN clubs photo editor, Logo maker & Text editor in a single powerful graphic design software. It lets the users create amazing designs for their websites, print or social media content.

mockofun homepage

MockFUN has an amazing set of 50+ text effects & over 800 free fonts which can be used to edit your text online. It also packs in amazing photo filters & blending modes. This makes this graphic design tool really unique. 

With over a 100 templates, 245K+ images & elements & 80% of these free, MockoFUN makes for a really awesome graphic design tool.

MockoFUN also shares tutorials on its blog where anyone can learn how to make ID’s, Online Badge, Invitations without any prior experience which is very thoughtful of the team.

MockoFUN has a free account which can be used but it has limitations on space & high quality resources. 

I recommend you to go for the MockFUN’s premium annual plan which is 50% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: MockoFUN Premium Plan at $4.99 /month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $59.88
  • Savings: $60

13. Design Cap.

Make Graphic Design Much Easier  ($4.99/month)

Design Cap is relatively new in this list but make no mistakes, it is quite definitely a power packed tool. 


Design Cap takes care of all your social media needs. But that’s not all. If you explore it further you will be amazed to fund out that it actually covers your graphic designing needs for Marketing, for any special occasions or for Data Visualization as well.

With thousands of templates & much more library of stock photos & icons, Design Cap is definitely worth it.

Though limited by image uploads, design saving, templates & stock media choices, It’s Free version will still give you a good idea of the powerful features this tools possess.

I recommend you to go for the Desin Cap’s basic annual plan which is 50% off their regular pricing.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Design Cap Basic Plan at $4.99 /month
  • Term: 12 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $59.88
  • Savings: $48

What is the Best Free Graphic Design Tool?

Graphic design softwares provides a lot of functionalities to users when upgraded to the premium version.

 If you are really serious about graphic design & your business/brand needs to sustain itself in the online world you have to create a mark online.

 And nothing better than visually appealing easy to eye stunning content which can be shared & made viral.

To answer which graphic design software is free, anyone would say almost all. But will the answer be same for which graphic design software is best? No!

If you feel your needs are best met with the free versions of these amazing graphic design tools, here is my pick for the best ones in 2020.

  • Canva.
  • Stencil.
  • Snappa.

1. Canva.

With 8000+ free templates to use, 100+ design types (Social media posts, presentations, etc.) & being able to create custom dimension designs, Canva is the best free option you have today. 

With built in social sharing & presentation mode & thousands of free photos & graphics, free versions of online graphic design tools can not get much better than this.

2. Stencil.

Though Stencil puts limitations on usage of photos, icons & saved images in the free version, it still is one of the best free graphic design tools available.

If your visual content is sourced from all over the internet & you want easy access to your graphic design software from your browser, this is the one you should use.

3. Snappa.

Snappa puts serious limitations on your downloads & number of users in the free plan but what is impressive about Snappa is its access to 6000+ templates & 3000k+ HD photos & graphics even in the free version. 

If you want to use custom fonts & want to be able to create shareable social media content on the go, this is the perfect tool.

What is a Graphic Design Tool?

Graphic Design meaning is simply the art to combine pictures and texts.

Any tool that helps you create or edit visual media is a graphic design tool.  It is no secret that visual media has taken over the internet. 

There are numerous ways by which one can create stunning visual content.

Be it a simple image editor or a much more complex visualization software, it is a graphic design tool as long as it helps the user to create shareable content.

Many businesses rely today on these tools to create an awareness of their brand. This is why Graphic Design is important for Business.

A graphic design tool may be an open source software or a third party paid premium software, serving the purpose of visual content creation. 

Social posts, presentations, flyers, infographics all are created by these graphic design tool for various implementations across the internet.

It looks after the design process. Communication design and Interface design combine together to make the page layout and user interface visually appealing.

Elements such as typography color, web design are covered under it.

Graphic Design examples can be anything from your email marketing templates to the infographic like the one mentioned below.

How do you choose your Graphic Design Tool? (Infographic)

Best Graphic Design Tool Infographic

Graphic Design FAQ

Are Graphic Design and Digital Design the same?

No. Graphic Design is mostly static including logos, pictures, etc. Digital Design involves interactive elements and animations along with audio and visual effects.

When is Graphic Design used?

When the communication is intended to be supporting images, symbols and logos other than just words, Graphic Design is used.

Visually appealing content is easily grasped by the audience and is shared more than ever.

What does Graphic Design include?

Graphic Design includes visual communication and problem solving using  the help of visual arts, typography and page layouts.

Are Graphic Design Jobs in demand?

There are plenty of remote jobs that enable you to work from home in Graphic Design. Graphic Designer jobs are expected to face strong competition across all positions in the coming times.

Graphic Design career is slowly being replaced by the softwares which very easily can do the job for any company.

18% of total graphic designers in United States are self – employed.

Why Graphic Design is important for any Business?

Graphic Design optimizes your marketing efforts across all channels. It helps to build a professional brand that resonates with your audience.

It allows your brand to be easily recognizable and allows your customers to be familiar with what you have to offer.

What are Best Graphic Design courses?

Any course that develops your skills to visually communicate and solve problems is a Best Graphic Design course. There are plenty of courses available online on Coursera and Udemy. 

Art Directors give graphic designers work for publication design and other design services.

How much is the Graphic Designer salary?

The median pay is $25.05 per hour. This amounts to approx. $52110 graphic design yearly salary.

Bachelor’s Degree is the entry level education requirement.

Graphic Design Tool Bottom Line (Executive Summary)

Graphic Design has become an integral part of the online world today. The sheer appeal of visual content has forced content creators and marketers to resort to graphic designing to create shareable stunning media for their audience. 

There are various types of graphic design all of which aim at only one thing – visual problem solving and communication.

When choosing a graphic design tool, first gauge your requirement so the best fit according to your needs can be selected.

 If done right, these tools can grow your content & add tremendous value to them as well as your online business.

Look out for the number of templates, space, downloads allowed, fonts & icon usage and always choose the one which you feel comfortable to create visually appealing content for yourself or your business. (Trial version with most tools only helps this cause).

If you are looking for the best graphic design tool, I recommend Stencil which you can start off at just $12 per month (40% off).

As a bonus tip, if you have killer black and white images that can use coloring just go and check out Image Colorizer tool. You will love it.

Please give these recommendations a try & let me know in the comment section which graphic design tool do you use or prefer.

If you feel you are finally ready to step into the journey and want help to set up your blog, do take help from my limited time period setup service.

If you already have an online presence and looking to scale up, do try out these proven resources which I personally recommend.

More Reading on – check out my articles on web hosting services & proofreading tools which you can use in 2020.

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