Top 10 Content Marketing Experts to follow.

Don't want to miss any beat, Follow these Content Marketing Experts to keep your Content Markeitng Strategy rolling.
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Content Marketing is changing at a rapid speed and if you do not move forward with this change then definitely you will be left far behind, and to avoid this you need to stay updated with all these changes. Well, the easiest way to stay in the loop with these rapid changes is to Follow Content Marketing Experts.

No matter where you follow them (Just follow them, where ever you can), you can follow Social Media, blogs, Podcasts, or stay connected with Email.

This is not the full and final solution; you also need to learn and explore things on your own but for quick and tailored updates, you must be following these Content Marketing Experts.

These Industry experts are continuously talking about what’s going on in the market, sharing their thoughts on Social Media, and their own blogs. So, Being a Digital creator you need to keep an eye on these changes. You can also observe their work to understand the move and implement it in your Business.


Here are my 10 personal favorite Content Marketing Experts, and I have been following them since I first understand this Term.

1. Robert Rose

Founder of Content Advisory, Author of Killing Marketing, and Keynote Speaker

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Robert Rose is one of the top content marketing experts in the world right now, advising more than 500 companies, and has over 20 years of experience in Keynoting, and Speaking.

Read Robert Rose on Linkedin

Robert Rose is one of the most influential content Marketing experts in my knowledge, as in the last 10 years Robert and his firm Content Advisory have advised more than 500 companies including 15 of the Fortune 100 (Adidas, Microsoft, Capital One, Facebook, and so on).

In mention, Robert also works as Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute and served as CMO at CrownPeak.

Robert also has more than 20 years of experience in Kenoting and Speaking with groups about the strategic transformation of marketing in the digital world.

Robert has a keen sense on how to blend Technology and business for excellent Results.

Michael Weiss, Vice President Creative360

On top of that, Robert Rose is also the Author of three best-selling books including Killing Marketing, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, and Managing Content Marketing.

2. Shane Barker

Digital Strategist, and Brand Consultant

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Shane Barker is a digital and content marketing expert. Having over 25 years of experience he can help you Build Sales Funnels, Content Marketing, Product Launching, and Website Conversions.

Read Articles by Shane Barker

Shane Barker is one of the top digital marketing consultants specializing in Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO. He has more than 25 years of Experience in this industry. He has helped many businesses accelerate their growth with customized Digital marketing consultation and services including Fortune 500 companies and a number of A-List celebrities. 

Shane Barker is also the co-founder of Attrock, a Digital Marketing Agency, and also runs his one blog If you talk what I love more about him is he is an early adopter and his influencer and content Marketing are just killing.

Shane Barker also runs a Podcast named “Marketing Growth Podcast” with the aim to make digital marketing accessible and easy for everyone. And on the other side, he also wrote eBooks on topics like Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Traffic, and so on. 

If you want to learn Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing then, in my opinion, no one is as good as him and you can read him either on his own blog or on other Publications like Inc, Forbes, Salesforce, or Hubspot where he actively contributes.

3. Larry Kim

Founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey

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Larry Kim is a reputed content marketing expert and also the founder of the famous PPC marketing company Wordstream and the Facebook messenger Marketing Platform Mobile Monkey.

Read Larry Kim on Mobile Monkey

Larry Kim is the founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey, A chatbot-building platform for marketers to enable mobile messaging between Businesses and customers using Facebook Messenger. Not only Mobile Monkey, but he is also the founder and former CTO of the world-famous PPC marketing software company, Wordstream.

Notable mention – Larry is the #8th most popular author on Medium, and he also shares his advice about Business and marketing on websites like CNBC and Inc. magazine.  

If you are seeking content marketing tips you can hop out to Larry Kim’s advice about Marketing lead generation or sales Outreach Automation which he shares for free on his company’s blog and yeah if you are not sure about how messenger marketing fits in your business you need to check out Mobile Monkey.

4. Brian Dean

 Seo Expert and Co-founder of Exploding Topics

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Brian Dean is a Sensation as he founded one of the most famous SEO blogs on the internet Backlinko. He also co-founded Exploding Topics to help marketers find Trending Topics before they take off.

Read Brian Dean on Backlinko Blog

You probably know him, Brian Dean is one of the world’s top SEO experts (titled by Inc.)and also the founder of the famous SEO blog Backlinko where he shares exact tips and strategies he used to grow his blog to this level. His Content-Creation tips and Link Building Strategies gains a lot of attention as he also discovers the famous Link building technique called the “SkyScraper Technique”. 

In Brian’s Words, “If you need to succeed with SEO all you need to do is create great content” and in my thought, no one is as good as him at teaching all these tips and strategies without any fluff. And you can say Creating Great Content is Brian’s core value and yeah no one is better than him. 

If you want more traffic to your site or want to promote your business through content marketing you need to take Brian’s advice, and you are not only supposed to do this, even the world’s top marketers and brands talk to Brian when comes to SEO, Content Creation or Promotion and Link Building.

5. Julia McCoy

 The “Content Queen” | Also the founder of Content Hacker & Express Writers

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Titled Content Queen, Juli McCoy is deeply connected with content marketing because she founded two popular content writing agencies, and now serving as VP of marketing at

Read Julia on Content Hacker

Julia McCoy is one of those Content Marketers who started following her passion at the age of 19 and started a writing Agency with just $75. Showing her dedication to Content Creation and distribution, she founded Two famous content Creation agencies “Content Hacker” and “Express Writers”. 

Where she spent almost 10 years and grows them to a team of 100 writers, from which she later sold Express Writers in 2021 to focus on Content Hacker where she actively teaches about implementing and building growth-focused content marketing strategies. 

She has been also named in the top 30 of all content marketers worldwide. With her dedication, she now leads the marketing at one of the fastest-growing AI content writing tools in the industry – Content at Scale.

On top of the free resources from the Content Hacker, McCoy also wrote Seven books on topics like Content Writing, Content Creation, Content Strategy & Marketing, Online Writing, and so on. And also runs a successful Podcast named “Content Transformation Podcast with Julia McCoy”.

6. Brian Clark

 Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of CopyBlogger

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Brian Clark is the founder of CopyBlogger including Unemployable, and to name some. He sets the industry standard on content marketing tips and strategies that actually works.

Read Brian Clark on CopyBlogger

Brian Clark is a renowned name in the content marketing space, He is well-known for his Content Marketing Website “CopyBlogger” where he and his team shares unbeatable and actionable tips on everything related to Copywriting and Content Marketing. 

Well, CopyBlogger isn’t the end he also founded Unemployable (an educational community that provides smart strategies for freelancers and solopreneurs), Further (the middle-life personal growth newsletter), Creative Affiliate (for affiliate marketing advice for creators), and also co-founded Digital Commerce Partners.

No matter What you want to learn related to Content Marketing, such as Writing Blog Posts or wanna learn different Writing Techniques, you need to look out to Brian Clark. His tips are just so perfect that you won’t stop implementing them into your business.

If you want to learn real Content Marketing you need to follow Brian and his Website Copyblogger. 

CopyBlogger is the Bible of Content Marketing.

– Venture Beat

7. Michael Brenner

CEO of Marketing Insider Group

Follow @BrennerMichael on Twitter

Michael Brenner is best known for his book Mean People Suck, and also as the CEO of the content marketing agency “Marketing Insider Group”. He is also the former Marketing Leader at SAP, Nielsen, and others.

Read Articles by Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is a globally recognized Content Marketing Expert and Keynote speaker on topics like Marketing and Leadership. He is also a best-selling author (The Content Formula, Mean People Suck) and is now the founder and CEO of the Content Marketing Agency Marketing Insider Group

Brenner has also worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for brands like SAP, Nielsens, and Thriving Startups. In mention, Brenner also worked as a Head of Strategy at NewsCred. In 2017 Michael Brenner was Titled a Top Business Speaker by Huffington post and Top CMO influencer by Forbes Magazine.

In Brenner’s Words, “Marketing is a two-way communication between companies and their customers, One from the company to the customer, and the other coming from customer to the company. 

He is one the best-known person about content Marketing in my opinion, as he describes content marketing in a very different way. Content Marketing is an approach to creating and promoting content on a destination you own. E.g. A Tweet is not content Marketing because you don’t own Twitter, but if you take a YouTube video and embed it on your website, that’s content marketing because you own it. (Interview with Michael Brenner by

You can read Micheal Brenner on Marketing Insider Group Blog as he shares useful information about content marketing for free of cost.

8. Lilach Bullock

Influencer, and Founder of Lilach Bullock Ltd.

Follow @lilachbullock on Twitter

Lilach Bullock is a tech influencer helping solopreneurs and small business owners to find their path to growth. She is also the founder of Lilach Bullock Ltd. where she talks about marketing, Business, Mindset, and Success.

Listen to Lilach Bullock Podcast

Lilach Bullock is one of the influencers that might not be in the limelight but her advice touched my heart and that’s why I put her on the list. 

She is a speaker Content Marketing expert, lead Conversion expert, and social media expert. She writes about different-different topics including Sales Tips, Content marketing tips, SEO tips and strategies, and many more on her blog

Lilach also runs a Podcast named “The Liach Bullock Show” where she talks about Business Success that is focused on how they succeed, their struggles, strategies, and some inspiration.

If you need a way to use the content for lead generation that converts you need to consult Liach Bullock, and Beyond her Blog, Podcasts, and services she also offers personal coaching, speaks at conferences frequently, and also offers a premium membership group for marketers and Business owners.

9. Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing Expert and Founder of

Follow @JoePulizzi on Twitter

Joe Pulizzin is also known as the Godfather of Content Marketing. With more than 25 years of experience, he founded multiple startups including Thetilt, and CMI, and also wrote several books including “Epic Content Marketing”.

Read Books by Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is a content marketing expert who knows how to use content to generate more leads and engage the audience as he founded multiple startups around this topic. One such startup is named Content Marketing Institute which he left in 2016 to focus on his non-profit organization “The Orange Effect Foundation” to deliver speech therapies and essential technology to children who are suffering from speech disorders.

Other than Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi is also the founder of (a content creator education site) and (content entrepreneur event). On top of this Joe is also the author of seven best-selling books including Content Inc, and Epic Content Marketing. In mention, he also wrote an award-winning Novel “The Will to Die”

With such a massive empire Joe Pulizzi is also known as the “godfather of Content Marketing”. And If you don’t wanna miss a beat on creator economy and Content Marketing you can dare to follow Joe Pulizzi and yeah you can also hear him sharing his thoughts and opinions on his podcasts Content Inc. and This Old Marketing.

10. Ross Hudgens

Founder and CEO of Siege Media

Follow @RossHudgens on Twitter

An Investor, Founder, CEO, SEO expert, and Content Marketing Expert, Ross Hudgens made a separate name for himself. His advice is as good as his work has been featured in top marketing and business sites including Forbes and AOL.

Read Robert Rose on Linkedin

Ross Hudgens is a popular name among SEOs and Marketers as he is the founder of Siege Media, an SEO-focused content marketing agency. Ross is so good at his work as his work has been featured on top marketing websites including Moz, Forbes, and AOL.

If you wanna learn cool SEO tips or how to leverage content for better marketing results you need to seek Ross Hudgens as he has over 15 years of experience in this industry. You can also listen to him as he is a frequent speaker with appearances at well-known conferences including MonCon and SearchLove.

He and His company is one the top Content Marketing Agencies in the world, serving brands like Intuit, Trip Advisor, Zillow, and many others and also made the Inc. 5000 for Five years in a row (from 2017 to 2022).

You can catch Ross Hudgens’s advice either from the conferences or from his own blog where he actively shares Content Marketing Ideas, Tips, Strategies, and more around this topic.

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