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5 Best Custom Post Types Plugins for WordPress Compared

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WordPress is full of potentials and possibilities for everyone using it. Custom post types are one of such potentials you should rejoice as a WordPress site owner. This feature enables your user to get the best experience nonetheless. Hence, custom post types help you to develop a complete content management system for your WordPress-powered website.

There are many ways you can implement custom post types in WordPress. And the best way nowadays is to use a compatible plugin that will make the entire process way easier. However, you may find a lot of WordPress plugins to create custom post types.

So, here in this blog, we are going to make it simple for you. Keep reading to learn some of the most powerful custom post types plugins for WordPress and compare yourself.

What are WordPress Custom Post Types

need custom post type

The most common post types in WordPress are posts & pages. You are already well aware of them if you’re a regular user of WordPress. Besides that, you’ll find attachments, revisions, and navigation menus that are also included in this list. However, you’ll get them on your WordPress site by default. Hence, you need to create custom post types in different situations which are based on the kind of website you want to develop.

However, custom post types are such kinds of content that are customizable. Whenever you create a custom post, you can customize it anytime you want. Hence, this feature allows you to create a specialized or niche-based WordPress site. For example, when you want to create a subscription-driven website, custom post types let you create and manage your subscribers on your website.

We’ve already mentioned that. You have two ways to create custom post types.

One, you can use code.

Two, use a simple custom post types plugin from your WordPress repository. The second solution can be easily done by everyone – that’s what we’re going to talk about. You don’t even need any coding prowess to use a plugin.

Top WordPress Custom Post Types Plugin for Your Website

You may find a lot of custom post types plugin out there. Hence, it is hard to find the right one that suits your need most.

So, we have sorted out some of the best WordPress custom post types tools in the marketplace to ease your selection process. Check them out one by one to make a perfect decision.

1. WP User Frontend Pro

WP User Frontend Pro

The main advantage of WP User Frontend is helping your users to manage their activities directly from the frontend. Either you want to build a membership site or a WooCommerce store, this plugin has all the features that let your users do all the tasks without any need of the backend.

Hence, by using the WP User Frontend Pro, you can build superb directory & membership sites, event registration forms, allow guest posting, and many more things.

Top Features of User Frontend Pro

  • Drag and Drop Builder: Best for creating posts, registration, or WooCommerce product forms.
  • Live Preview: You can check how the changes look after you made them with the live preview.
  • Custom Field: It has 17 pre-made custom field types. You can also create as many custom fields as you need.
  • Taxonomies made easy: You can add drop-down, multi-select, or check-box list taxonomies.
  • WooCommerce Support: The most popular custom post types are being used in the WooCommerce website.
  • Custom Field Admin Area: You can even create a frontend admin panel for more ease of use with WP user frontend pro.

The free plan allows all the basic frontend features. However, the all-in-one WP User Frontend Pro premium plan starts from $37 a year. It is highly affordable, don’t you think?


2. Toolset Types

toolset types

TOOLSET is a powerful custom post types builder based on WordPress.They branded it as a professional WordPress enhancing tool. It can help beginner-level users and experts create taxonomies, custom fields, and posts without any coding. It is compatible with WordPress version 5.0 to 5.7.2, and it doesn’t require any child theme. Whatever theme you are using right now for your WordPress site, you can start right over with Toolset Types.

Top Features of Toolset Types

  • Custom post types, fields, and taxonomies: Toolset lets you create quick custom post types of almost any type. You can use it to enhance any kind of WordPress site.
  • Template and Archives: You can create a custom archive page on your website with this feature.
  • Custom Grids, tables, and lists: You can choose what types of content you want to show. You can customize your list with features like pagination and AJAX.
  • Custom Forms and Editing: Custom forms editing allows you to develop directory, eCommerce, real estate, and membership sites.
  • Content on Maps: Help you to create listings and directories to enable your site featured on Google and Azure maps.

Toolset offers a wide range of advantages and blocks to design your site as your plan. You can start with the free plan anytime. Premium yearly pricing starts from $69 to $299. Besides all the pros, there is a bit of a con in Toolset. The collection of tools are big, and you need time to understand how to use the plugin in the first place. So there’s a drawback in ease of use.

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