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Blogging can be easy & simple & direct but at the same time, it can very well be a daunting task to start off.

Most of us have no idea how & where to start. Internet is full of hundreds of guides & tutorials for that.

But truth be told, none of them cover the topic in micro details as it deserves. All this leading to you being ever more confused about how & where to start your Blogging journey.

This is the reason I have come up with this Free WordPress Blog Setup service for you guys. 

You no longer need to fret & overthink about this topic. I will help you launch your Blog in no time & even guide you further to give you a headstart.

You can give life to your passions & start your WordPress Blog to monetize it later. You can be – 

  • A Fashion Model
  • Gym Freak
  • Travel Enthusiast
  • Life Coach
  • Professor


The list is not limited to only this of course.

You can share your experience, knowledge, expertise & make a living out of it if you have a solid online presence. And I am going to help you start with my Free WordPress Blog Setup service so you get yourself a Brand New Shiny Blog with the potential to monetize it.

free wordpress blog setup

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Question#1 - Why Only WordPress?

It is really very simple. WordPress is by far the best Content Management System (CMS) present today. It does not matter that whether you are a beginner or an expert, WordPress works with the same ease in both the cases.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that today, WordPress powers around 40% of all websites over the Internet. It is by far the most dominant & successful player in the field when it comes to CMS.

My Free WordPress Blog Setup leverages the true potential of WordPress to give you a headstart in your online journey. And I would not want it any other way.

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Question#2 - The service is too expensive?

Truth be told, my Free WordPress Blog Setup service is everything it states to be – Free!

What you really pay for is your domain & hosting over which your Blog will reside & run. It will be annual recurring payments to keep your online presence intact & strong.

Yes, I will earn a small commission if you take the hosting services from my page but at no additional cost to you. It helps me run this service for Free for everyone.

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Question#3 - Will it take months to launch my Blog?

This is the best part of my Free WordPress Blog Setup service.

If you send me the invoice of your web hosting & domain today, you will have a fully functional & scalable Blog up & running in 48 hours! That is a guarantee from my side.

Post this, we can sit & discuss your Blog growth strategy so you can plan & scale your Blog for more traffic in coming months eventually monetizing it.

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Question#4 - Are you forced to take up only One Web Hosting?

Not at all. It is your free will & knowledge to go with any web hosting you want to. I can only guide you & support you once you actually subscribe to one particular service. You have options to choose from – 

You can explore many more here. I will never stop you from choosing a particular web hosting, but if you wish, can only guide you.

The only rule as mentioned earlier, you have to subscribe to your chosen web hosting from my page only.

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Question#5 - You will get a blank Blog after this service?

Not at all. I personally feel it is my responsibility to empower you with the right knowledge & set of tools to help you grow your online presence  monetize your passion. 

You will get pre installed essential Plugins, WordPress, Theme, Contact Page & SEO Optimization plugin.

Watch the video below to see how you can publish your First Blog Post in under three minutes. Crazy! 

All this you will understand much more in detail when you & I have had discussed your entire Blog strategy with you. From the first Blog Post to scaling your Blog, we will cover it all.

List of Plugins you will get with the Free WordPress Blog Setup Service (Bare Minimum)

Rank Math - For SEO Optimization


WP Super Cache - For Speed Optimization

wp super cache logo

Contact Form 7 - For Contact Page

contact form 7 logo

Besides these, others will be added after discussing the Blog Strategy & Vision with you. I will also guide you & pre install WordPress & Top WordPress Themes for the look & feel of your Blog.

It Really Is The Complete Package!

Action needed from your end

  1. Get your Web hosting & Domain from my Resources page or this article on the Best Web Hosting services. You can not have a professional money making Blog without this.
  2. Email me your purchase receipt along with hosting credentials.
  3. Share the platform & id where I can reach out to you for discussing the structure of your Blog.
  4. Sit back & Let us set up your Blog.

I will need 24 hours from your email to me for verification of your purchase. Once that is done, we can start setting up your Blog the right way starting with WordPress Installation & subsequently the theme & plugins that you might need for your online success. I will be personally discussing your vision for the Blog & including you every step of the way.

What to expect from my Free WordPress Blog Setup Service

We will do the following for you:

  • Installing & Setting up WordPress for your Blog
  • Optimizing Site Speed & SEO settings
  • Deciding & Installing the best Themes for your Blog
  • Installing & configuring the necessary plugins for your Blog
  • Planning your content strategy & giving you a head start towards the success of your money making Blog

You can also subscribe to my Blog to get Free & Latest updates right in your inbox.

I would love to connect with you on social media so please do visit the below pages & say hi 🙂

That's All Folks

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