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My name is Aakash & this is my Blog.

Welcome Aboard!

Please understand that I am just like you , very much so, with my own share of failures & struggles.

What I have learned ultimately is that we all have 24 hours a day, and we all face seriously fucked up situations in life – What we make out of them, our attitude & response, that’s what LIFE is all about.

While I get down to my life story & ultimately the story of about Cup Of Glory in a bit, it is safe to assume that this is no over night work. Everyone & Anyone that tells you otherwise is just not wanting you to realize the truth. All the number of hours, research, planning, thinking & execution that went behind this should not scare you away. That is the real reason why I want to share this Blog with you all & show you how YOU too can make it big for yourselves. Here’s to Finding Your Own Glory!!

1990 & Onwards - Hello Humans!!

aakash singh baby pic

Born in the capital of India, New Delhi on a sunny afternoon of 25th February 1990, I was more than eager to welcome my new home. So much so that I decided to make my grand entry two weeks before the due date. ( GOD KNOWS WHY!!)

Latest entrant into the family, I was showered with the usual love & pamper that came my way was really relaxing to my early years stress! (Learning to walk while not wanting to eat anything all day really takes a toll on you)

2000 & Onwards - Making Sense of the social world

Growing up I did not have much difficulty adjusting to the social scenario. Having dimples on either cheek really helped while interacting with the opposite sex & hence the confidence. While I was put to my paces with the usual grind of education, weekly tests, social circles, I did not realize why I was doing what I was doing. 

Shifted three schools all my life which I won’t say is much but gave me a fair idea on the types & kinds of people we should come to expect around us. Some were awesome while some not so much.

Last school kindly made me meet the Love Of My Life!

aakash singh another baby pic

2008 - The College Years

Well, what do I say, College. To start with if you can see the photo on the left, that was my attitude pretty much the entire college life.  It was a top private university in the country  but also a top top party place. Well at least used to be.

But in between all this craziness & partying, I did learn a lot about myself as a person & about life as a teacher. I came out of college broke, without  a job offer but a lot of inherent learning that I carry with me through my work. I turned out fine yes!

2015 - Polishing Rough Edges

I did my Masters & eventually joined the country’s top private company responsible for marketing. The job included a LOT of travel & there was not much time for any kind of personal life. Slowly that took a toll on me so I changed my job to less travel.

I did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past but also I was not ready to quit on my dreams. I believed, strongly so, that I have it in me to get out of this grind & have a fulfilled life. 

It is just a dream for many like me but I was determined to make it happen. 

aakash MBA college picture

Where Am I Today - About Cup Of Glory

about cup of glory

About Cup Of Glory –

I wanted to improve the digital world, teach people how to be successful online & how to make the most from their existing businesses using a Blog. With this Blog I hope to offer you a ray of hope, a slice of confidence & a pickle of courage to DO SOMETHING. You might be into Fashion, Sports, Fitness, Technology, Cooking, anything at all – If you want to do something about it & not regret forever for not having ever tried, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Come along on this journey, & make things happen. In these times of corona inflicted global suffering, having a side hustle that works for you can be a life changer.

What is it about Cup Of Glory?

This is my Personal Blog. But the motive behind it is nothing personal. I want to take you along on a journey together to fulfillment & success. Here, we will talk about tools to succeed, strategies to apply & giving you online dreams wings.

Let your passion fly while you monetize it!

If you have come this far, I want to say thank you for reading my story, my journey. 

My best wishes to all of you & best of luck for each & every one who wishes to embark on this journey & have the courage to do so. I want to hear your story too, so please connect I will be more than happy to!

Thanks so much for reading. I sincerely hope you achieve a fulfilled life as you aim to.



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